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a weakening demon, a powerless sun god, a young woman just coming into her magic powers, and her, uhh, sidekick can't keep the relic out of the hands of the vampires for too long

(i've decided that at this point, yes, the sungod is there. he's drawn to their location because of the relic. he senses his sister's power and wants to get his hands on it. undecided why the crew decides to trust him as opposed to everyone else in the eastern time zone who wants the power for their own.)

and like the bunch of stupid vampires they are, they activate it. southwestern pennsylvania is plunged into perma-night.

it's activation wakes jonas, who is extremely fucking pissed when he finds out what faust did.

i'm thinking that jonas has somehow absorbed the power from the relic that he meant to destroy.

like, the way it was supposed to work, was that he'd take all of it inside of him, and then kind of explode it all out. dispersing the energy and destroying himself. faust stopped the spell when jonas had absorbed ~75% of it. after waking in the hospital, he won't have much access to it, and any normal person who had it would probably not even realize. but seeing as he's pretty inclined to deal with this sort of thing, he's horribly aware of what's going on.