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so unnamed G/D?? is going to be D.

demons in my story are pretty much just ancient monsters with magic. i think i've told the story before of how vampires in this universe came to be.... the demons were dying out due to the spread of humanity. one of them got the idea that if he were to somehow merge with the humans, then he and his brothers would be able to survive.

thus that whole dealio with jake and shana, and creating the first vampires. it wasn't a success like they wanted. vampires were humans with demonicness in them.

so a couple thousand years of their dying kind in hiding, using their magic and occasional experimentation with humans, and around oh let's say around 200 BC, they get it right. they remain their own kind with their own magic, but with the ability to blend in as human.

400 AD, they're pretty much assimilated into human culture.

That's when our D is born.

Name? derek suggested something like Haltharak or Farshanaxx. And I am in agreement. I was thinking something like that anyway. In order to blend in, he'd have to have a human pseudonym, but with the kind of sassy attitude i've got planned for him, I think he'd want to have ironic ones. Like, Damien or something.

At a decently young age, oh probably like 100, he was tricked into being trapped into being trapped away on the pages of a book.

The magic used for it was extremely strong, so pulling him out is no easy task. Over the centuries, he was summoned out by wizards or sorcerers or whatever to help them with whatever they felt they had to summon a demon for. He was magically and contractually obligated to help them, and when they were finished, back in the book he went. Until, like, 1993. When Jonas Cutler, extremely naturally gifted with magic, but reckless, unfocused and unmotivated, came into possession of the book. The demon was summoned out without much purpose, but with the same magical bind between the two. Except, this time, the master had no clue how to put the servant back, or how to break the contract. Faust (which I just now decided will be the name he goes by) knows how he can be put back in the book, but he sure as fuck isn't having any of that. He doesn't know how to break the contract either, otherwise he would have done that long ago.

Jonas doesn't die. If he were to die, then it would simply break the contract and Faust would finally be free. But instead, Jonas is in some sort of magical coma (unsure of what from at this point.) It's in his living will that he have his niece Abby take temporary leadership of the shop in case of such event to keep it from going under. That's the, like, mortal reason anyway. He knew that if anything happened to him, she would likely have the best chance to save him since their magics are so similar (being blood relatives and all, you know.) But what no one expected was that Jonas's very existence was maintaining the spell that allowed Faust to be out and about. So he's slowly getting pulled back into the book. Faust needs to wake Jonas up or else he's stuck in that book again for god knows how long. Plus, while he'd probably never admit it, Jonas is a pretty good pal, and he kinda misses him and it upsets him to see Jonas all comatose.


Abbagail Cutler-- Cassandra's BFF since forever. Born in Vietnam, adopted at a few months old by her American parents. (though i'm considering changing this so that her mother was born overseas and Abby herself is American born) Almost like Ferris Bueler to Cass's Cameron.

Jonas Cutler-- Abby's father's younger brother. Kind of the black sheep of the family. Noticed Abby's innate supernatural sensitivity when she was young (He was 15 when she was born.) Either dies or goes into some sort of magical coma which leaves his shop to Abby. Along with the shop, she inherits his (ghost/demon??)

G/D?? -- despite being initially bound to Jonas against his will, is now fiercely loyal to him and is very attached. Determined to bring Jonas back from death/coma. Finds it extremely frustrating that he's stuck relying on post-teen girls to help him. Snarky, stuck-up, all around cranky and unhelpful. Jonas's shop assistant as well.


Melasuna's re-hash

I wonder if I need a new character building sheet, as I usually fill out like 10 questions of this one then abandon it anymore.

Part 1: The Basics

1. What is your full name?
Cassandra Hollingsworth
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ok, getting pretty serious about wanting to do a re-hash of 2003's nanowrimo project.

i'm gonna make it fit into the world of mona, and ryan and addie.

that's right-- they're all the same world. my crazy mixed up werewolf and vampire world. it's gonna be so rad.


Sep. 25th, 2011

i've been throwing around a few ideas in my head for nano

the most cohesive of which is a sort of compilation of stories about people with powers, and how they deal with the invasion of the Qs and the saviors going public.
oh also, while i'm here...

i'd been struggling with a reason why kelly did not want to continue to pursue a relationship with chalk after she woke up from her goofy coma. i finally got it.

ok chalk's mother existed in our world to have a half-Q half-human baby, right. she's part of a sub-species of Q that are meant for having half-babies in other dimensions. sub-species kind of like bees or ants or some shit. where there's workers and like a queen or whatever. i mean there's already hivemind.

but anyway, like others of her kind, she was equipped with saliva that quickly works to create a mental emotional bond, to stimulate the release of certain chemicals in the victim/target's brain or whatevs, and her son inherited it.

the Op observed this in him during his early years, but they didn't know how to inhibit it at all.

Kelly, when she first kisses him (and i'm unsure of when this should be! in my current re-write, it's right before they invade the Op HQ, which would make the most sense right now,) falls victim to it. She already really liked him to begin with, but the chemical bond that he unknowingly induced in her made it so much more intense.

When she read the Op computers, one of the pieces of information she read was about Chalk's magic saliva. So she became unsure of her own feelings. She couldn't trust them anymore. Were they honestly hers, or had they been a result of the chemicals introduced into her system? And after months in the coma, where they still there? Or was what she felt for him genuine and completely her own feelings? She couldn't be sure, so rather than subject herself to his thought-altering ways, she decided to just stay away. And Kelly, being Kelly, couldn't find a way to tell him about the ability he never knew he had.

MAN. I have been looking for a solution to that problem FOREVER. how did i take me so long to think of it, i don't even know.

NaNoWriMo in about a month.
time to prep.

Not sure what I want to write this year. Right now, my two forefront ideas are as follows:
A) sequel to last year's. following Ryan's search for his mother and all that stuff.
B) alternate worlds of Electric. When Theo and Nicky and them went back in time, they created the opportunity for multiple histories to take place. I'd do one where it's that kind of bitchier Lacey, where Kelly ends up a Savior, and Homestead is more supervillain-y. And where Kelly ends up with Homestead and Chalk is a Savior. And where Nicky's born, where Nicky isn't born, all sorts of alternate worlds.

A) there was a reason I didn't continue writing Ryan's story. I didn't want to.
B) that sounds like it would get really tedious really fast. might be cool to work on every now and then whenever i got an idea for a different history.

C) i need something character driven for NaNo. I cannot have a complex story. in order to succeed, my nano project has to be more of a character study than an actual "there's shit happening!" story.

D) fuck i need an idea fast. i want one by this friday.


There's many groups of metas that assembled outside of BoMA-- like the quad, that group that tried to abduct kelly, seth lance and bianca, rosewood, homestead (of course) and others. some are neutral, some are aiming for good, others are mischief making, and others are- shall we say- not so nobly intended.

i want kelly to get brainwashed by one of these groups. it's when she's still recovering from the virus that the Op planted in the computer to fuck up her mind.

i just have in my mind, kelly doing some big flashy thing that ends up making a huge publicized fight between her and her brother and the rest of the saviors, driving an even bigger rift between them. like in times square, she's got all the screens on her doing some "don't trust boma" speech or something.
harper built a, like, person tracker for the Op when he was in.
but while he was building it, he knew how to make it so they could like disable the tracking on people. he had to disable it on them before they could all escape.
it just doesnt make sense for him to have NOT built one for them.
while escaping, they have to meet harper like halfway so he can double check them for new signals compatible with the tracker.

so am i just copying marvel or what

ok so like

i have a teleporting character right? his father is a reddish demon from another dimension. good job steph, you invented nightcrawler and azazel.

i have a robot/androidish character whose romantic partner is someone whose superpower can best be described as magic. good job steph, you invented vision and scarlet witch.

did i create these characters, subconsciously using marvel characters as inspiration? or did i make them and then find the parallels??

i know the glitch and pike / vision and scarlet witch thing wasn't marvel influenced at all. i'm pretty sure glich and pike were created before i even knew who vision was.



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