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Dec. 4th, 2011

so the total word count for this year was 15985

which is about 3k more than when i first tried writing it back in 2003. (despite the fact that this year's is only very very loosely based on 03's. the only noticeable similarity anymore is the main character's last name)

i'm gonna keep writing this, i was just not mentally in the right place this november.


Nov. 19th, 2011

ridiculously behind.

still writing, but not pushing for any particular word count each day.

currently at 13070.

Nov. 8th, 2011

at the end of day 7:

7532 words.

ok this shit's gonna be set in monroeville


a weakening demon, a powerless sun god, a young woman just coming into her magic powers, and her, uhh, sidekick can't keep the relic out of the hands of the vampires for too long

(i've decided that at this point, yes, the sungod is there. he's drawn to their location because of the relic. he senses his sister's power and wants to get his hands on it. undecided why the crew decides to trust him as opposed to everyone else in the eastern time zone who wants the power for their own.)

and like the bunch of stupid vampires they are, they activate it. southwestern pennsylvania is plunged into perma-night.

it's activation wakes jonas, who is extremely fucking pissed when he finds out what faust did.

i'm thinking that jonas has somehow absorbed the power from the relic that he meant to destroy.

like, the way it was supposed to work, was that he'd take all of it inside of him, and then kind of explode it all out. dispersing the energy and destroying himself. faust stopped the spell when jonas had absorbed ~75% of it. after waking in the hospital, he won't have much access to it, and any normal person who had it would probably not even realize. but seeing as he's pretty inclined to deal with this sort of thing, he's horribly aware of what's going on.


Oct. 25th, 2011

Before our story even begins, there's a group of vampires (probably some of Jake's, because they tend to be stupid like this) that create this relic that has the capability of creating widespread, permanent night.

They create it with the assistance of Night (the unnamed goddess of night that is sister to my unnamed sun god.) In addition to having her help, there was a lot of shit that they had to go through in order to create it.

So, likewise, if someone were to want to destroy it, they'd have to go through a lot to do so.

Jonas and Faust get their hands on this relic (on like October 28,) with the intention of destroying it. In a bit of a reckless hurry, Jonas figures the only way to pump enough energy or whatevs into a spell to destroy it, is if he uses his own lifeforce. Faust wants to find another way, but Jonas knows they don't have time to find it-- that Halloween night will be the best time to do it (there's truth in that "veil between worlds is its thinnest" stuff.) So Jonas gets his legal shit in order, and prepares the spell.

Jonas shifts Faust's bindings from himself to the shop in order to lock him in (something that Faust didn't think he was capable of, but clearly was and if he's capable of doing something like this then why didn't he just release him already,) and begins to destroy the relic along with himself.

Faust, being a demon locked in a magic shop, was not completely hapless, and began crafting a counterspell that stopped Jonas right at the last seconds. The object was left with barely enough power to create night over a small metropolitan area (say, Pittsburgh) and Jonas was unable to be awoken.

After Jonas is in his coma, Faust finds himself still bound to him, but shifted to the shop instead. So when those two post-teenaged girls come in and take over, he's stuck with them.


omg so this is the best idea ever

when faust is first summoned out, and before he's claimed the name faust, jonas asks him what his name is. the demon says he wants to be known as judas

jonas is like "well ok but my name is jonas"

and faust is like "fuck that shit we're not having matching names, call me faust."



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